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Ciara Is a ‘Woman of Ambition on a Mission’

The 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover star has always known she was destined for greatness.

The decision to feature Ciara on the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover was a no-brainer for editor-in-chief MJ Day. “We all know very much who you are and what you are and what you can continue to do,” Day said to the Grammy-winning singer during their chat at the Barbados set. “It’s that type of life and what you project and put out there in the world is what I would love for young girls to see. Not only are you the most incredible person; you are an incredible beauty, but you also have an incredible soul.”

Just as Day hopes to impact the lives of young girls by seeing a radiant, confident Ciara on the cover, it’s that same sentiment that resonated so much for the singer when she saw Tyra Banks on the cover back when she was a little girl. “When I saw that cover, it was pretty amazing,” Ciara says. “The truth is having women like you running things and leading the charge is where it starts because you are going beneath the surface. Seeing your passion, excitement and support for me and the things I have going on as a woman and as a mom, to have that support, means the world.”

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Before her first single “Goodies” hit the radio in 2004, Ciara knew she was destined for greatness. “I always say I’m a woman of ambition on a mission,” she shares. “I’m going to go after what I want and believe I can get it.” After all, if you aren’t your biggest supporter, who will be? Even in times when the outcome wasn’t what she wanted, she persevered. “I’ve finally come to a place in my life where I can confidently say that I’m grateful for the failures in my life,” she says. “Sometimes when you are going through the moment of failure, it’s like the world is over, but I’m here to tell you that if you can do your best and put one foot forward every day, you will find a way out.”

Ciara has the support of her husband, NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, on every step of that journey. “To be able to have someone to go to that you trust, that you know has got your back, to have that in life is so precious,” the mother-of-three admits. “It’s a blessing. I’m grateful for that and obviously us having a family together is really amazing. I’m grateful for all we get to do in life together and his support is amazing.”

The power couple are amazing role models for their children, 21-month-old son Win Harrison, Sienna Princess, 5, and Future Zahir, 7 (whom Ciara shares with her ex, Future), as well as others through their Why Not You Foundation and charter school. “When you do have strong men in your life that encourage you and empower you, that support is where change will continue to happen and where we will continue to grow,” she notes. “Joy is contagious and when you give back there is a sense of joy that you get, and it inspires you to want to give more.”

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