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Peloton Instructor Kendall Toole Reveals Working Out Helps Both Body and Mind

The 29-year-old former USC cheerleader loves what she does and wants everyone to know what movement can do for a person’s mental health and overall well-being.

Marquita Pring embraces stretch marks

Marquita Pring’s Journey to Loving Her Stretch Marks

“It wasn’t happening to my friends but it was happening to me,” she says. “No one was talking about it. It's just like this thing I had to deal with and hide.”INLINEJavaScript Tag

seneca women card

Shop Women-Owned Businesses and Earn Credit Card Rewards

Did you know that women were only granted the right to open credit cards in their own names in 1974? This new credit card gives you cash back when you support other women.

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Model Kelly Hughes Wants Women to ‘Embrace the Power’ of Their Scars

The SI Swimsuit model shares her journey to motherhood, and about how women everywhere should never feel ashamed of their bodies or scars but “embrace the power in it.”